Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wrinkled Little Toes

I hate being sick, and I hate even more when I have to call in sick and miss work. If I'm off work, I want to be doing something productive or fun. Not laying around doing nothing/sleeping. Monday morning I woke up with an awful head cold and called in sick. I went right back to sleep and slept until noon, waking up with just enough time to get Kylie ready and to school. I came home thinking of all the things that I wanted to get done on my "day off". right! As I undressed to get in the shower the bathtub just looked so much...easier, for lack of a better word. As soon as I got in of course Brynlie started fussing so I grabbed her and Sadie and got them both in with me. Once I lied down I realized just how sick I still was. I didn't have the energy to get me and both of the girls OUT of the bathtub so we all soaked for an hour. Brynlie has never had a bath that long before and her poor, wrinkled little toes showed it! They were so cute I just had to take a picture.

Sasha...this is the bouncer that I was talking about.
Looking more and more like my dad...
Look at my blue eyed beauty...Now if only she keeps her blue eyes!


Linda said...

Oh my goodness! She does look like her grandpa Merrell! I need to find the baby picture of him that looks just like Brynlie.
P.S. I hope you are feeling better by now and that everyone will be healthy for the egg hunt next Saturday.

Janica said...

Props to you! I was really sick on Monday with a cold too and I should've taken a bath. I did get a decent nap though (after I begged tim to come home). Funny how when we have "time off" usually cuz we are sick first thing that goes through our heads is cleaning etc etc.