Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chuck-E-Cheese and Sasha's belly.

TJ had eye surgery here in Salt Lake last Friday so the girls got to see him for awhile on Thursday night. Jason and Sasha's plans changed at the last minute for dinner that night so we decided to take all of the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. Jared got a part to his gun in the mail that day and used that as an excuse to not come with us. (Something about not being able to leave his gun for that long, Chuck-E-Cheese maybe not letting him bring it know.) Jason had never been to Chuck-E-Cheese before so we had to make sure that he got to go. It was not the best night for a new guest there because all but one of the Skee Balls were broken...and really, isn't that the best game there is. That and air hockey of course. It was near impossible to get the three kids to sit still together to get a picture. And of course when I did get them all together we couldn't get all three to look at the camera and smile at the same time. This was the best that I could do.

On the other hand, I was able to get a few pictures of Sasha new belly. She may get mad at me for posting these, but someday she will be glad that she has proof of how tiny she was for her first. She is 6 1/2 months pregnant and has a very cute bump. Enjoy it Sasha...the next babies will not be so nice to your figure.

I was able to get this picture of her when she didn't have the best posture and you can see the belly much better.

I have NO pictures of me pregnant with Kylie because I didn't want fat pictures and because Jared never takes pictures. Not a single one. (Anyone out there reading this have any? I'd love a copy!) Sasha, you are beautiful!

My baby's not a baby anymore

Brynlie is growing right up, faster than I can keep this blog updated. She started scooting around a few weeks ago and we've quickly stepped up the child proofing of the house. At first she would lift her body up and put all of her weight on her hands and toes...

But she quickly learned that she wasn't going to get anywhere doing that. She then realized that she could do the army crawl. She would twist her little body around, reaching as far as should could with her arm, then swing her legs and body up to join her arm. Then she would switch sides and go back and forth until she got where she wanted to go.

It was hilarious to watch her wiggle herself around. Next she figured out how to get up on her knees. She loves to be on all fours and rock back and forth. The problem with this is she hasn't mastered other things, like depth perception. She will scoot somewhere, get up on her knees, rock back and when she goes forward, she rams her head into things. The table legs, couch, door, mirror, some harder than others. In the next picture you probably can't see it but she has a red mark on her forehead from ramming it into the coffee table.

Here she is, starting to sit herself up.

Brynlie is now sitting up, although she is still at that wobbly stage where we can't sit her near anything hard or her head will eventually find it. I will be much happier when she doesn't fall over anymore. But, at the same time, I'm sad that my baby is growing up and not a baby anymore.
She looks so much like my cousin Diana's little boy Levi in this picture. (The ironic thing is that when Diana was pregnant with Levi they were told it would be a girl and they were going to name her Brynlie. Then a little boy was born, and the name changed. Anyway, I got pregnant soon after and I also was expecting my third girl, just like Diana. But mine came out a girl...the exact same weight (not sure about height) as Levi was when he was born.)

Brynlie has been at that really fun baby age where they are so stinking heavy to lug around in their car seats, but not quite big enough to sit in a shopping cart by themselves yet. Grocery shopping is horrible with Brynlie in her car seat in the basket, Sadie sitting in the seat, and Kylie walking (wandering off) next to me. There isn't quite enough room, patience, or obedient children on these days. Tuesday night is Kylie's dance class so while she was at dance this week I decided to take the younger two to Target. It's almost cheaper to stay and shop then to pay for the gas to drive home, only to turn around a half hour later and drive back. Almost. At least I get stuff for the money I spend instead of more miles on my car. While at Target I decided that I would let Brynlie be a big girl and not use her car seat. It was awesome!!!
She did so good. The seats are really deep, which helped. Sadie, on the other hand, did not help. She was so mad that Brynlie took her spot. And she let me know. She was a little stinker and pouted through out the whole store, at one point screaming that I was a bad mommy.

I wondered if people thought that I was weird taking picture of my kids in the cart so I moved away from the front entrance and then..took a couple of more. What can I say? I needed pictures to blog with!

Brynlie is over 7 months old now and I'm loving getting to know this sweet little girl. I couldn't imagine our family without her. The girls also love their little sister so much. Kylie is turning into such a little mommy, always taking care of Brynlie. She loves to undress her, carry her all around the house, change her diapers (only if they aren't poopy), give her bottles, and play with her. And the other day Sadie informed me that she "loves her baby sister and doesn't ever want to sell her". Yes, their dad has threatened to sell them to the Gypsies a time or two. We couldn't ask for a better baby! Or should I say almost toddler...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Chicken Suit

My last post had a picture of Sadie holding Rattie in her Halloween costume and Annie posed the question ..."who wore it better?" since both girls have worn it. Here are a couple more pictures of Sadie and then the last two are of Kylie. In another couple of years we will be able to add Brynlie's pictures too. This is my very favorite costume ever...cute and VERY WARM!!

Isn't this the cutest Chicken bum you've ever seen?

Hugging before leaving to go trick-or-treating.

Kylie, her thumb, and Vince at the Trunk or Treat in my parent's ward in Vernal.

Meagan holding Kylie at the Trunk or Treat while Kylie showed us some of her loot. Not to take the attention away from Kylie, but I love this picture of Meagan.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


When Sadie was 10 months old Larkyn gave Kylie a set of puppets for Christmas. It was a set of "Australian Animals" so we were not quite sure what any of them were. About a month after Christmas Sadie took a liking to them and would rub their tails under her nose as she sucked her thumb. Most of then were brown, but there was one cream colored one that stood out. I decided it was the cutest one so I would give it to her to play with and she soon became attached to it. VERY attached to it. It became her lovey. We didn't know what kind of animal it was so we would just call it "animal". Jared called it a rat. Rattie was easier to say than animal so as she learned how to talk his name became Rattie. (As time progressed I'm sure it seemed to some that he was named Rattie because of how rattie he was, but the name did come first.) Sadie would not sleep without Rattie, or go anywhere without him. This caused so many problems for me since her little mind would often set him down and forget that she had until we had to go back looking for him. We would always fight over whether she was going to leave him in the car or bring him with her. The problem was, if she got tired or cranky, Rattie would always make it better, and if he wasn't there she would sit and cry out his name over and over. As a mother I knew how important Rattie was to her (and to my sanity) so any time we lost him I would always go back for him. Once I was in the Wal-Mart parking lot in West Jordan when I realized that we had left him at Target in Sandy and had to drive 20 minutes back to find him.
Another time we left DSW shoes when she realized he was gone and Kylie insisted that she had brought him in. I drug all three kids back in, up and down the aisles, and couldn't find him. We backtracked further to Babies R Us and found him underneath a clothing rack. She was so happy!
Once she left him at Nursery and by the time I realized it and ran back the church was already locked. So I borrowed Jason's key to the church and then her nursery leader's key to the nursery and let myself back in to find him among the many toy bins. I knew I had to since the next week we were going to be out of town and she couldn't go two weeks without him.
She left him at our doctor's office one day (a good half hour away) and since his office is open the same hours that I work I had to take time off work to go back and get him. We were lucky that they found him since the front desk just told me no, he wasn't there. I called back and talked to one of our nurses and she was able to hunt him down for us.
We were leaving Wal-Mart one day when Kylie noticed Rattie sitting on the stand with the greeter. Sadie had dropped him on our way in and we hadn't even noticed. Good thing that Kylie saw him! At the end of the year in 2006 Jason and Tawnie got a puppy named Buddy and once while the girls were there playing Buddy got a hold of Rattie and ripped his face open. That night Meagan carefully sewed his face back up for Sadie, but his eyes did not survive the ordeal. Sadie was just really starting to talk then and she would randomly say "No, Buddy, No!", even a time or two in her sleep. And she would tell random friends, family, and even strangers "Buddy ate Rattie's eyes!" It was so funny.

As you can tell, Rattie had become a part of our family and was Sadie's best friend. Then March 25th came. That morning Kylie and Sadie had dentist appointments. Since her last appointment involved being put to sleep I knew she was not going to do too well so I told her she could bring Rattie in with her to comfort her. After that we drove across town to Brynlie's doctors appointment. On our way home we had some extra time before I needed to be back to work so we stopped at Wal-Mart (yes, I have mentioned Wal-Mart several times because I LIVE there) to let the girls spend their Easter money from the eggs my mom gave them. Kylie couldn't find a dress up dress that covered her enough so I said we'd try Target next. (That's not the important part of the story, but I want you all to know that I don't just go shopping just to shop. Well, at least not with three kids.) So our final destination was Target. A couple of days later I realized that we hadn't seen Rattie recently. The last time that I could remember seeing him was the day we had the doctors and dentist appointments. The girls had been over to Jamey's, our neighbor and babysitter, but her daughter has her own lovey so she knows how important they are and always makes sure that Rattie comes back home. I wasn't too concerned since Sadie has left Rattie down in the basement while playing and he turns up a couple of days later. Also, she has another friend now, her doggie that was another stuffed animal of Kylie's that Sadie "adopted". So that weekend Jared and I started framing the basement and also cleaned up the girls huge mess down there. But there was no Rattie. I started to worry a little. Why hadn't I started tracking him down earlier? What if he had been left at a store for the past 5 days and they had decided to throw him away?
That Monday I called Target to see if she had left him there. The guy I talked to wasn't too helpful and I had a suspicion that he didn't really look that hard in the lost and found. Don't people understand how important a stuffed animal can be? I decided that I would go to Wal-Mart instead of calling to make sure that they do a good job of searching their lost and found. The next morning I went to the dentist's office for Kylie's fillings, fully expecting to find him there, since that was the only place that I remembered her taking him in. But there was no Rattie. So I went home and called my doctor's office (which was closed the day before). No luck there either. I was really starting to panic. He had been gone a week. Don't they say that they first 48 hours are the most important when you have a missing child? After that, your chances of recovery go down greatly!
To be honest, I think that I was more upset than Sadie. I felt horrible! I had wanted to put Rattie away for her someday so that when she got older she would have him. I felt like a failure as a mother. How could I let her lose something so important to her? The final place to look was Wal-Mart. I went in and made sure that the woman went through the lost and found really well. But still no Rattie. I began to realize that this time was different; Rattie was gone for good.

That week I had TWO dreams about not finding him, and Sadie was so upset in those dreams that it woke me up! Is this weird? (Okay, don't answer that.)
I was going to post about this earlier, but I kept hoping that by some miracle we would find him. I decided on Tuesday that I would make a special post all about Rattie on the 25th, which would mark one month since he had been gone. (If you think it is weird that I would chose a specific date to blog about this you probably haven't read my last post.)
I am so grateful that Doggie had become another best friend of hers and was able to keep her company for the past month. She would have times where she would cry for Rattie, and then other times she would talk about how the store threw him away and she would be just fine. Overall, she seemed to do much better than expected. Much better than her mother, who felt like she had completely failed in her motherly duties.
Wednesday evening I was making my bed (I had washed the sheets that day since Brynlie spit up her dinner the night before) when I noticed something in the crack between the wall and the headboard. I could not believe my eyes. There was Rattie! All this time, and there he was sleeping a foot away from me at night. I was so excited to bring him out to show Sadie. I told her to guess what was under the blanket and she said Doggie. I said it was her most favorite thing in the whole world and she said "Doggie and treats?" (she loves her sweets way too much). Then I pulled Rattie out and the squeal that she let out was worth the month of guilt I had felt. She was so cute hugging him and snuggling him, and of course, rubbing his tail under her nose. I wish I'd thought to catch the moment on camera.
She has not let him out of her sight since then. She carries him with her everywhere and is very protective of him. I love it. I love to see her so happy. Jared asked me why I didn't just throw him away since she'd pretty much been "weaned" of him. I told him that that moment was priceless to me when I showed her her long lost Rattie. I am so glad that this story has a happy ending! Now, if only we can make sure that he is never lost again!