Sunday, September 21, 2008

My baby is 1 year old!

Brynlie's 1st pictures.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

I am so lucky to have had my mom as an example of a wonderful wife, mother and friend as I was growing up. Any success that I have as a mother is a direct result of her. The older I get the more I appreciate all that she did and still does for our family.

This past weekend she took all of her available daughters to the Time Out For Women conference in Logan. (Kristi was in Florida and Mickala was busy being the 1st attendant at the Homecoming activities.) On Friday night one of the musical numbers was the song "Over the Rainbow". This song has an extra special meaning to my mom since her little sister Kris played Dorothy in a musical while in high school. Kris died a few years later and the song has always had a special place in the hearts of her sisters, parents, and others that knew her. I made the realization as we sat listening to the song that the weekend was so important to my mom to get all of us girls together, not just for a conference, but to enjoy each others company and strengthen bonds that will last through eternity. I am so grateful to her for understanding how important family is. We also had a little surprise party for her that night back at Annie's house. Annie baked a Hummingbird Cake that she learned about on Oprah and we had a few gifts for mom to open. It was a great weekend to get away, just the girls. Thanks Mom! I hope you have a Happy Birthday. I love you!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My youngest sister Mickala was in Kindergarten the year I was a senior and was only 6 years old when I moved out. Now it is her turn to be a senior. I am always amazed at how much she has changed, but recently she seems to have really "grown up". She is such a beautiful girl and no longer the "baby" of the family. (She and I are 11 1/2 years apart in age, and she and Kylie are also 11 1/2 years apart in age.)
These pictures were taken last weekend while I was in Vernal. The first is of her holding our newest niece, Taylor and the second is her with her "friend" Will.
I think that they look really cute together...

First Lime

Before you all start thinking about what a mean mom I am for giving Brynlie a lime understand that she cried every time I took it away from her.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Brynlie has found a very specific position that she seems to like sitting in best while eating..

Growing right up

Sadie has been busy, busy, busy! She started pre-school the last week in August. Here she is on her first day. This day was just a meet and greet when the kids all got to bring their moms and see who the other kids in class were, and check out the school. And here she is on her first "official" day of school. The day that she was able to go all by herself. She has been looking so forward to starting school and being a big girl.

Last time Jared was in town we took Kylie out on a date so this time we took Sadie. We haven't been to the Mayan in a really long time (since every time we do go we swear we'll never go back after the awful service) and so we decided to give it a try. A lot has changed, including the menu (and prices!!...we won't be going back soon) but Sadie had so much fun.

I caught this picture just as she saw the first cliff diver jump. She was not expecting that!
Here is Sadie and I waiting for our dinner.

And Sadie enjoying her Mac-n-cheese. It was actually really good and every time Sadie turned her head her dad would steal another bite.
Sadie also taught herself how to cook last Friday...
I got out of the shower Friday morning and as I was getting ready I realized that I could smell smoke. Just at that same moment Sadie walked in the bathroom and said.."I'm cooking Mommy!" I ran out and could see the house filled with smoke as I left my bedroom. The microwave was still running, with 82 minutes and 8 seconds left. I quickly turned it off and took at peek at what she had made...a sausage and egg muffin. Yummy!! I opened all of the doors to the house, along with several windows, ran 4 fans, burned two Scentsy candles, and even scrubbed floors and counters with ammonia throughout the day to help the smell. But the smell was not going anywhere. All day long as I worked I could smell the horrible burning smell. The microwave had to be taken outside and is now getting ready to find it's permanent resting place. We'd had that microwave since before I met Jared so this was actually quite sad for us. Jared and I thought that it would live forever so we are in mourning now. (We are also mourning the death of our Comcast remote, which drowned the night before in the bath that Brynlie gave it.) The smell was still in the house when I got back into town Sunday night, but it isn't as strong, and is getting better every day. Either that or I'm starting to smell so much like it that I can't tell... While in Vernal that weekend Sadie played dress up. I didn't start taking pictures until about the 8th or 9th costume change...

"That's all folks!" Get it..looney tunes...porky pig...hahahaha!