Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100th post!!!

This is my 100th post!!! Such an accomplishment deserves a post about another big accomplishment. Here is Brynlie walking. She has decided that she now prefers it over crawling and actually makes an effort to walk instead of crawl.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Laser Hair Removal

Ever since I started having kids I've also had the pleasure of "whiskers" on my chin. With each lovely addition to our family came more additions to my face. And I already had plenty of hair to spare on my upper lip. So every year for the past few years when Jared asks what I want for Christmas/birthday my answer is always the same...laser hair removal. And every year he tells me to do it...and every year I don't because I know that it is too expensive. I finally decided this year that I didn't care, I was going for it. I found a really nice place in South Jordan called Elase Medical Spa that was very reasonably priced. They were doing a sale so I did both the armpits and the chin/lip combo for about $900. Very expensive, yes. But more than worth it. At my consultation back in May they asked if I was breastfeeding, which I said yes to. The girl told me that I wouldn't be able to get any of the numbing cream until I was done, but that it really didn't hurt too badly, kind of like a rubber band hitting your skin. I wasn't too concerned. What I was really concerned about was what else she told me...no tweezing, plucking, or waxing for 2 1/2 weeks, when my first appointment would be. The only thing I would be allowed to do was...SHAVE!!! Yes, shave my lip and chin. Go ahead...picture it and laugh. Ha ha ha. I'm glad that you can all have a good time at my expense. Those 19 days were awful. I felt like the bearded lady at the circus. I was so looking forward to my first appointment. I went in and she gave me my safety glasses and told me to remember to take deep breaths. "Why" I asked..."is it that bad"? She was obviously more honest than the first girl I met with. She told me that it can be quite...intense. And intense it was. It HURT! The laser stung much more than a rubber band ever could. And I could smell the burning hair too. The whole process was over in about 10-15 minutes. It would have gone much quicker if I hadn't tried so hard to make small talk and stall after she did my face, and before my armpits. I was scared! I remember thinking as she was doing it that I would rather deliver another baby than do this again. Of course, if I was delivering a baby I'm sure I would have felt differently. She told me to exfoliate really well and the hair that had been killed would eventually fall out over the next few days and weeks. My face never really had any problems. I could see results within a few days. There were a few really dark "friends" on my chin that would always come back after tweezing and I was able to squeeze them like a zit and the hair would just come out. And 2 1/2 months later they are still gone. LOVE IT!! My armpits were another story. They got really, really sore. About 2 or 3 nights after the lasering I developed the worst case of ingrown hairs. My whole armpits were just covered in bumps. The cool thing was I could squeeze them and get little hairs to pop out. The bad things was it was more than a little awkward to try and reach with both hands. I have a friend from Jr. high named Mandy, who absolutely loves things like popping zits. I mean, she really, REALLY likes these sort of things. I haven't spoken to her in over a decade, except through our blogs, and she lives in Vernal, but besides these facts I really wanted to call her to see if she would come assist me with my armpits. And I gotta tell you, if she had been able to help me, she would have died happy after that. It was that bad (or good, depending on how you look at it). Once the ingrown hairs worked their way out my armpits were so nice. I didn't have to shave for 3 weeks, and even then it was just for a few hairs. I went in for my second visit (the package covers 6 treatments spaced about 4-5 weeks apart and then 4 touch ups in the next two years) in July. The pain all over again! At the end of the treatment she asked if I was still breastfeeding and I told her I was pretty much done. She said that she could give me the numbing cream for the next time and that I was supposed to apply it an hour BEFORE coming in. I had assumed that the cream was to be rubbed on after to help soothe, not before to help the pain. I was so mad that I hadn't been able to use it before!! It was probably good that I didn't know about this before, or I may have been tempted to quit breastfeeding earlier. I was really looking forward to my third visit a couple of weeks ago. I figured that this miracle cream was going to make all the difference. I had a different tech this time and she offered my an ice pack, something I hadn't been offered before. I really didn't think I'd need it since I was so confident in the numbing cream. She said she'd start with my upper lip since that area is the most sensitive. Before starting she applied the ice pack for several seconds to help numb the area more. I was COMPLETELY unprepared for the amount of pain that I was about to experience. Literally, there were tears. Not the kind that come from crying, but the kind that come from something so shocking. It was horrible, and it seemed to take a lot longer than normal. I was starting to wonder if this nice lady knew what she was doing. Once we got that over with I told her that I couldn't believe how pathetic I was. She then told me that they turn it up each time we come in and that's why it was hurting so much more. The stronger the laser, the more effective. When they turn it up they also have to use a smaller laser, which explained why it was taking longer. (Really, the lip was done in probably 15 seconds, but that was still a VERY LONG time to me.) She told me on my first visit they had it set at 14, and on the second it was set at 16. In my mind I'm thinking that hurt so bad they must have set it to at least 20, maybe 22 this time. Then I heard her tell me that it was at 34 this time. 34!!! That was more than double my last visit. No wonder I was being such a baby. This new tech was so great. She went over areas twice for me to make sure she got things, and even when up my jawline. She told me I was a perfect candidate for the hair removal since I had dark hair with "porcelain" skin. What?! Am I really that white now? She asked if used lots of sunscreen to keep my skin so nice. Then she decided that my kids must keep me inside and out of the sun. That's it...I'm going tanning. This was the first time that I've left with a red face. Good thing I had my handy new ice pack. The next morning I woke up with at least 20-30 zits all over my upper lip. I popped them and that afternoon there were more. I looked like a teenager with a really bad case of acne. I was so glad that Sunday was Stake conference. I really wasn't looking forward to going out in public like that. It took about a week for my face to clear up, but now that it is I am so happy again with the results. I hope that I haven't scared any of you away from doing laser hair removal because really, it is so worth it! I think that I am addicted...someday when I am rich I will do my legs.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Kylie is growing up so fast! I can't believe that I have a 6 year old, and that she is in 1st grade! She is seriously 6 going on 16. She is suddenly very fashion conscious, loves to blare her radio in her bedroom, and "does" her hair all the time. Of course, I get to do it after she does. She is still a kid though, and loves to jump on the trampoline and is very proud of her skills at doing flips.

I always find "extra" pictures of her on my camera...

She loves to dance, and loves to pretend to teach dance to Sadie and Aspen.
I caught her at the splash park teaching some other little girl she had just met.
Kylie started 1st grade on July 28th. It was a huge adjustment for her because she now has to be up and ready to go to school by 8:15, when her ride comes to get her. She is just like her mom, NOT a morning person. She loves to stay up late at night, but these early mornings have made her unable to stay up nearly as late as she used it. It's kind of nice having my nights to myself again!
Jared was in Vernal on her first day of school so I let her call him on her way to class. So cool to be chatting away on a cell phone. Notice the blister on her hand from the monkey bars.
Kylie and her friend Jaxon both got "Principal Pride" awards a couple of weeks ago. There are only a handful of kids in each grade that get them. I'm not sure how often they award them. Kylie got hers for "improved in getting her work done and improved in listening and following directions." She got in trouble for talking the first week of school so hopefully this means that she learned her lesson!

She also had fun with Sadie at Liberty park...

Jared and I decided to take Kylie out on a special "date" last week when he was in town to say "Thank you" to her for all that she does to help us. As the oldest child, we put a lot of responsibility and knew she needed to be acknowledged. We took her to dinner at Cafe Rio (her choice...thank goodness she didn't choose McDonald's!!) and then we went to the Gateway to walk around and go to Build a Bear. She got a gift card for her birthday from Maddie and Jason so I didn't feel so bad letting her be spoiled and pick out a cute outfit. Sadie was more than a little jealous of the bear when we picked her up that night so we are working on not having any accidents so that maybe she can go next time Jared is back. Those bears are expensive!! I took this picture on the way to the Gateway and then totally forgot to take more. Grrrr...
Kylie is growing up so fast and is turning into such a great helper when her dad is out of town. Of course, she causes her fair share of problems too, but isn't that what 6 year olds are for? Such a beautiful, headstrong little girl! I love you Kylie!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


For the past year a lot of the focus has been on Kylie and school, dance, recitals, and soccer and on Brynlie and all of the many milestones that babies hit almost daily. Sadie has been stuck in the middle, quietly growing up into a beautiful little girl. Her hair finally got long like a princess and I went and chopped it off. This was actually done back in June and her hair is already getting long again, and much healthier.


Rattie is still her constant companion. After we lost him this spring she has become very possessive of him. If she realizes that she can't find him she panics and becomes VERY mean searching the house for him. She snaps at everyone until he is found and safe in her arms again.
Last month Sadie got in trouble and when went to her room she wasn't there. She had gone outside and fallen asleep. Way to break Mom and Dad's hearts Sadie!

Sadie and Brynlie have become such good friends. Every time Brynlie sees Sadie she gets so excited and playfully hits her on the face. Sadie is the only person that Brynlie does this too, and she is so good natured to let her little sister do this to her.

This summer Sadie is finally old enough to keep up with her big sister and cousins when they play together. In the past she has really struggled being younger than the others and unable to do all that they can do. Now it is so fun to watch her be one of the big kids.

She still has that sweet tooth. I'm not sure what I am going to do with her!

Jared finally took the girls to Liberty park this past weekend and let them ride on a couple of the old (and I'm not joking when I say old) rides that he operated when he worked there as a kid.

Then we went over to the water area for the girls to cool down and play.
We tried curlers in Sadie's hair that night, but her hair is still too fine for them to work very well. We'll have to keep playing with them because she loved her curly hair. Thanks Larkyn for helping roll her hair!

After much waiting (and tears when she wasn't old enough last year) Sadie finally started dance this month. We are so excited that her best friend Aspen is in her dance class. Now we rotate and one week I take the girls while Jamey keeps the babies at home and then the next week Jamey takes the girls and I keep the babies at home. I am so happy with this arrangement...thanks Jamey!!!

Next week Sadie starts preschool. Aspen's mom Jamey is her teacher and she was Kylie's preschool teacher two years ago. I got so lucky to have a preschool teacher live right next door. After preschool our next goal will be to stop sucking her thumb, although I'm afraid that is a far off goal. Aspen is working on stopping sucking her thumb right now so maybe that will inspire Sadie. Wishful thinking, I know. I am amazed at how much Sadie is growing up. She is turning into such a sweetheart, which a little temper thrown in there to keep us on our toes. I love you Sadie!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Brynlie has been growing so fast this summer! She was supposed to be my baby, but obviously no one told her she wasn't allowed to get big. At her last check-up she was in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight. I'm not quite sure that is right so we will see when we go back for her 1 year check up. If so, she is the fattest skinny girl I have met! She has got the greatest disposition, almost always happy, with two large dimples that she loves to show off. And then she started teething. In the past 2 1/2 months she's got 6 teeth, with at least one more on its way. Other than the teething she is really happy. We are so lucky to have such a sweetheart in our family.
She just moved up to the big girl car seat so she doesn't have to face the back of the chair anymore. I'm not sure that this made her too happy since she can't see her sisters now.
Kylie and Sadie have started playing dress up with Brynlie. They love having a little sister to play with. Both of them just (s)mother her with love.

Brynlie went on her first all-by-herself swing ride at West Jordan park back in June. She had so much fun! She is turning into quite the little monkey, although Kylie still has her beat. Everyday now I have to put Sadie's desk on top of our kitchen table because if not she climbs on it and either falls off or uses it to climb higher onto Kylie's desk. Then she either falls off of it or screams for help. She has also discovered that she can climb out of the high chair. No accidents, yet...

She had so much fun at the splash pad over the 24th of July. She is so curious about things and loved to watch the spouts until the water would come out. No fear at all. I was determined to Breastfeed Brynlie for a full year, but last month she decided that she was too big for that. I guess the timing was okay since already had a bottom tooth and had just gotten an upper one a couple of weeks earlier. Brynlie LOVES to eat and has never turned anything down, until the night I gave her formula. I've made it through 3 babies and have never bought even one container of formula. The very little that they did drink was courtesy of the free samples given at the Dr. office, hospital, or in the mail. Here's Brynlie trying out the formula...

Normally Brynlie plays in her room for a few minutes and then gets bored and comes out to find me. Last month she was in there for a longer than normal time so I decided to go check on her. This is what I found...

She loves her Aunt Meagan and Uncle Vince. All of my girls do.Brynlie started standing in June...And started walking on Tuesday, the 5th. She isn't very stable and just walks a few steps until someone catches her or until she falls. From the looks of it waving her arms in the air must really help her with her balance. Being Brynlie is hard work!