Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Haunted Mansion...

My grandma's house in Vernal sits on the top of a hill, all by itself. It is a big, gorgeous house that my grandpa built for her years ago, shortly before he died. This was the only picture that I could find on my computer but you can't really see all of the house.When I say that it is all by itself, I mean it is ALL BY ITSELF. There is a dirt road that winds up the side of the hill and other than that you can put on your hiking boots and climb up.

Here is a view of her back patio.

And looking down from the patio...

And the right side of this picture shows the land where my parents built their home 3 years ago. ( These were taken when they were showing us where they were going to build.)

As our family has grown we've found that we need more bedrooms when we all get together and the obvious solution is to have some of us stay up at Grandma's. Russ and Chuck both had the pleasure of staying up there alone, shortly after getting engaged to Annie and Kristi. Neither got a good nights sleep as they listened to all of the noises the old house makes. I think this was when Chuck named the house the Haunted Mansion. Grandma was moved to a senior home this past year and so the house is semi-vacant. Semi because Jared has been living there while he is in Vernal, which works out SO WELL for us! I don't know how he does it because you couldn't pay me to stay there alone. He is much braver than the rest of us, even though he said that he hears noises all the time. This Christmas the girls and I joined Jared in the bedroom downstairs and Kristi and Chuck took a room on the floor above. The house is big enough that you really don't know if anyone else is there or not. On Christmas eve I came back early so that Santa could make his appearance at my parents house. The girls played in the family room while I took pictures of them. After Kylie and Sadie went to sleep at 11:00 I came back out in the family room with a wide awake Brynlie so that Jared could sleep undisturbed. I started to hear footsteps upstairs and realized that Kristi and Chuck must have been home. It wasn't until the next day that we talked and found out that they hadn't come home until at least a half an hour to an hour AFTER I had heard the noises. Oh well...old houses creak, right? Then Christmas afternoon Chuck decided to go back to the house ALONE to play with his new Christmas present, Rock Band. He wasn't gone long and came back admitting that he heard a door slam shut and once he ventured downstairs and realized that Jared wasn't there like he had assumed (hoped) he booked it out of there without looking back. I'm not really sold on the whole "ghost" thing, but Chuck was a believer long before Grandma's house. Christmas night Kristi and I stayed up watching Jared plow the drive way (more on that later) and talked about Chuck's fear of ghosts and about "orbs" that show up in pictures of houses that are "haunted". After she went to bed I had lots of fun turning lights off on them, pounding on the walls, and sneaking into their room while they were in the bathroom. The Haunted Mansion was a running joke the whole week. Here are some pics of the girls Christmas Eve...

Now, go back and look at the pictures again and pay attention to all of the "orbs" that showed up in the pictures. Hmmm...

Pre-Christmas with the Souths

I apologize for not blogging sooner about Christmas, but I was out of town and didn't really want to announce to everyone that stumbled onto our blog that we were out of town for the week and the house was empty. We had our traditional South family get together the Sunday before Christmas. This year we went to Jeremy and Larkyn's house and had a wonderful Turkey dinner.

The girls were spoiled rotten! Grandma and Grandpa South got them make-up...
And Larkyn made them the CUTEST hats and scarfs. They were already put to good use in the "cool" weather in Vernal.

Brynlie got a little tired of all of the people and comotion and found herself a nice place to relax. It was a great night filled with great people and a great holiday spirit.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I'll see you one fully clothed bather and raise you a toy car.

Monday, December 15, 2008


These pictures were taken at Temple Square, but they really deserved their own post.

Why is it that everyone else can get good family pictures like these...

And this is what my kids do to our picture?

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

I HATE crowds. Despise them. Loathe them. You get the idea. We went to Temple Square last week with some of the South family. Jared and I always take the train in from 13th south so the girls can experience a train ride and we don't have to find parking. When the first train came by we weren't able to get on because it was too crowded. Yes, there were 14 of us and two strollers, but there was no way we were going to find a spot for even half of us. After standing around waiting for 10 or so minutes for the next train we were very determined to find room and we made it work. We should have known that everyone on that train was heading for the same place we were. The crowds at Temple Square were awful. We weren't able to walk around and enjoy the lights because we were too busy pushing our way through the crowds. Oh, and trying to find bathrooms for all of the little girl bladders. But at least we tried, right?

And once again this year...

Remember lesson #3 from this?

It looks like we can add this year's ornament to Sadie's list. I guess if it looks good enough to eat isn't a good idea for a 3 year old.

Friday, December 5, 2008

MACU Christmas Party

We went bowling last night for my work Christmas party. We have such a large department that there were around 75 of us there. Somehow I managed to not get any pictures of our table...sorry Kim! (And thank you for the picture of my rear end taken while I was bowling. Thanks to you I will be using my stepper today...right after I finish this last slice of leftover pizza!)

Joy, Diana, Mery and dates

Our fearless managers Periann, Kelly, Jill and Lauri. Lauri is wearing her "I went to Disneyland and you didn't" tee-shirt.

Adam and Merlin

Jared and his date
Kirsten, Kelly,Barbara,Melissa and a date. Do you remember the kid in high school that wanted their name in the yearbook as many times as possible so they just started jumping into random pictures...Yeah, we have one of those in our department.
John, Kelly and Lauren

Angie, Kelly and date
Alice, Kelly, Periann, Jessica, Sara and dates

Lori, Kelly, Barbara, Janet, Peggy and dates
Terra and her cute little boy Braxton. This made me miss Brynlie for about 2 minutes. Then I remembered why I was so happy to be kid free!

Ashly, Kelly, Daniel, Megan and Daniel's wife
Jill and Cristhian
And the most important thing of all...I bowled a 135!!! I suck at bowling and don't think I've ever even come close to this score. I tried to take a picture of the monitor that had the scores but it wouldn't work, and I almost asked the employees there if they could print my screen out for me when I imagined the snickering that would go on as I walked away and they made of fun of the girl that was so excited about a 135. So sadly, there is no picture to remember my score. (I do want to mention that I beat Bob! No matter how you look at it, 131 does not beat 135!)
Merry Christmas to everyone!