Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ground Hog Day

This was my view of the drive from West Jordan to St. George.Sometimes I'd get a little closer, and this would be the view.Other times, a car would pass us and this would be the view.On occasion, I would look in my rear view mirror and this was what I got to see.
Sometimes we would pass someone and I would get a brief view of the side of Russ and Annie's truck and trailer and would even be able to see Jason and Sasha's truck and trailer in front of them.

There were a couple of exciting moments when Russ got sick of following and would pass Jason. Then this was the view I got.Jason would scowl as we passed...And then the next view I would get would be of Jason passing us all again.And then this would be my view yet again.
Once, this kind truck tried to run me off the road, unaware that I would not be giving up my spot directly behind the brake light-less trailer that Russ was pulling. But I did not give up my view.

Throughout our entire drive, my dad got to enjoy being in the front, smugly knowing that his sons-in-law wouldn't dare disrespect and pass him. When we passed our first officer he had Mom send a text to all of us requesting thanks and praise for the ticket he just got at least one of us out of.

December Quickly

Here's what went down the last week in December. The whole family got together for our first St. George Christmas. It will probably be our last one all together for awhile since some of us will be splitting our Christmas' between St. George and Vernal now.
Mickala and Will
Jason, Sasha, and Taylor. T.J. was at his mom's this year. My girls do not like sharing him with his mom, not one little bit.Chuck and Kristi, who are normally much happier than this.Russ and Annie and their usual stack of gifts.Who knew that a peace sign could be used as a gang sign? Vince, Meagan, and BrookGrandpa and GrandmaMy girls have yet to wake me up for Christmas morning. They like mornings about as much as their mom does. Kylie got roller blades for Christmas and poor Chuck somehow ended up being the lucky one to help her. Not sure how that happened, they aren't exactly best friends.The day after Christmas Mom and Dad did an "Amazing Race" for all of us. Here is some proof to all of the bitter losers that our winning team did take pictures along the way as we were instructed to do. If this race is any indicator, our big race this summer for our Park family reunion will be very interesting. Hopefully we will all be speaking again in two years for the next reunion.Here are the girls at In-N-Out Burger, where we were forced, I mean happy, to eat lunch only an hour or so after finishing breakfast. Here we are enjoying one of the highlights of the week......the nightly changing of the clock. Yes, some of us are easily amused. I even have the video of this, but that's a special clip that I treasure and don't just share with everyone.
As requested, pictures from the day that would not end.
"Let's Make A Deal"
Sorry Mom, I had to.
While in St. George for Christmas it was decided that I would be moving down there in just three short weeks. I cut my trip short to come home and start packing.

Here is how Brynlie chose to ring in the new year. For those of you wondering, Permanent Marker takes approx. three days to come off a child's face, and blue Permanent Marker makes a nice bruise looking color as it fades.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I've got so much blogging to catch up on, but I really wanted to get my story about my mom posted. More posts to follow...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

For you, Mom

My mom's little sister Kris died in 1985, when she was only 26 years old. I was 5 1/2 at the time and don't really remember much about her death. In fact, the only memory that stands out from that time was at the viewing for Kris. I remember running around the casket chasing and being chased by my cousin Jake, who was Kris' oldest son. I remember us laughing and playing and my uncle Rob standing there by the casket telling us to settle down.
I don't know why, but for some reason I've never really talked to my mom much about Kris' death. I know that it was a very hard for my mom to lose her little sister so unexpectedly, and maybe I just knew it was a sensitive subject. I'd been told she died due to "complications to pneumonia" as child, but I had never been given any more details.
My parents took me, Vince, and Meagan to dinner the other night and we were discussing Vince and Meagan's emergency stop for the night in Beaver due to the bad roads. We made the joke that "who knew there were even motels in Beaver" when mom said "I spent a year there one night." We started asking questions and found out that mom had gone up to visit her sister Kris, who was in the hospital dying. She was driving back from Logan to St. George, pregnant, and with my 2 year old sister Annie it tow. It was January and mom's battery on her car was almost dead. Her lights on her car got very dim because of this and the only thing that allowed her to keep going was the car in front of her that chose to drive very, very slowly so that my mom was able to follow them. She made it to Beaver and once she stopped the car died for good. She and my little sister were starving and she walked over to a convenience store to find that they only had two things to eat (licorice and something else, I can't remember what now). They spent a long, hungry, miserable night in the motel. The next morning while waiting for someone to come help her with her car Mom was able to get it to start. She loaded Annie up and took off for home, stopping in Cedar City for food. Annie inhaled the food that they bought and then promptly threw it all right back up. Mom said it was just horrible. I started asking more questions about Kris' death and found out that she got sick on Christmas Day, and by New Year's was sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. I imagined as a child that Kris got sick, went to the hospital, and died. What I didn't realize was that Kris was sick for almost a month before she finally died. Mom said that Kris and Rob's stake in Logan had just been split so they had both stakes fasting for her. For a short time, she got better. Mom was able to go up and talk to her just hours before she lost consciousness for the last time. Mom called up to the hospital on January 8th, Kris' birthday, only to be told that her condition had worsened and she'd been flown to Salt Lake. On January 19 Kris was gone.
The reason that I tell this story is because of the overwhelming realization I had that night at dinner. I realized that my mom must have been going through so much with Kris in the hospital, knowing that her little sister was dying, and knowing that there was nothing that she could do. She had three small children at home to take care of, and on top of it all, was pregnant again. She had that horrible experience driving home from the hospital and ending up in Beaver for the night. But I remember nothing of that time. I was old enough to have remembered something from that ugly time, and yet I didn't. Through all of that, my mom never gave up, or broke down. She never let on just how bad things were. She never allowed it to become a bad memory for me.
The past year has been very, very hard for me. Sometimes I get so frustrated with my girls and want them to know what I am going through. I want them to understand that things really suck for mommy and they just need to be good for me. I lose my temper, I yell at them, and I break down and cry. I just want to lay it all out for them so that they will try their hardest not to make things for difficult. But Mom taught me that night that they need to be kids. They need to be sheltered from some things and not given that stress. They need to retain their innocence as long as they can, and it is my job to make that happen. I am here to take care of them, not the other way around. I must allow them to be children. Thank you Mom, for inspiring me to be a better mom. I love you.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad,

I am sorry about fighting with my siblings all the time while growing up. I'm sorry for all the excessive tattling. I'm sorry that we broke Mom's hour glass when it was timing us to clean our room. I'm sorry that we stole wood from the neighbor's yard to make a fort. I'm sorry that we rode our bikes on the trampoline and ripped a hole in it. I'm sorry that I ate all of the pomegranates off the tree before you had a chance to enjoy any. I'm sorry that I got mad and "ran away" and hid and ignored you all when I heard you calling my name. I'm sorry we would climb on the roof of the house. I'm sorry I played on the roof of the brand new van of the neighbor's. I'm sorry we would stuff so much stuff under our beds, in our closets, and anywhere else when we were supposed to be cleaning. I'm sorry that instead of cleaning we spent our time stuffing books down our pants so that the spanking wouldn't hurt as much. I'm sorry we thought that you wouldn't notice the books. I'm sorry that Vince and I rode our bikes to 7-11 with some friends and bought candy cigarettes and pretended to "smoke" them on the way home. (Whoops...didn't know about that one?) I'm sorry that I threw all those parties while you were out of town, that resulted in a broken fence, flooded hot tub, cars wedged sideways between the barn and other outbuilding, and a lot of other damage that you hopefully didn't notice until I had moved out. I'm sorry I would purposely ride my bike to Young Women's so that I could leave early before it got dark, and yet still come home well after dark. I'm sorry I would take an extra long time walking home from school, making extra stops on the way home. Especially on the days that I had piano lessons. I'm sorry I lied about spending the night at Annalee's house. I'm sorry that you saw Annalee's parents that night and figured it all out. I'm sorry I slid down the piles of rocks back by the creek and ripped a hole in my pants. I'm sorry I would always raid Mom's top drawer for candy. I'm sorry I would always raid Dad's jar for quarters so I could stop at 7-11 on my way home from school. I'm sorry I snuck out of the house and had you so worried/mad that you had me arrested. I'm sorry you never knew just how many times I snuck out. I'm sorry that I stole that pack of bubble gum when I was 4 years old, and left all the evidence on the bathroom floor. Now please, pretty please...TAKE BACK ALL OF THOSE PRAYERS that you made requesting that I get children just like me.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Can anyone explain this to me? No one in my household can...

Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm starting to see a trend...