Sunday, April 18, 2010

December Quickly

Here's what went down the last week in December. The whole family got together for our first St. George Christmas. It will probably be our last one all together for awhile since some of us will be splitting our Christmas' between St. George and Vernal now.
Mickala and Will
Jason, Sasha, and Taylor. T.J. was at his mom's this year. My girls do not like sharing him with his mom, not one little bit.Chuck and Kristi, who are normally much happier than this.Russ and Annie and their usual stack of gifts.Who knew that a peace sign could be used as a gang sign? Vince, Meagan, and BrookGrandpa and GrandmaMy girls have yet to wake me up for Christmas morning. They like mornings about as much as their mom does. Kylie got roller blades for Christmas and poor Chuck somehow ended up being the lucky one to help her. Not sure how that happened, they aren't exactly best friends.The day after Christmas Mom and Dad did an "Amazing Race" for all of us. Here is some proof to all of the bitter losers that our winning team did take pictures along the way as we were instructed to do. If this race is any indicator, our big race this summer for our Park family reunion will be very interesting. Hopefully we will all be speaking again in two years for the next reunion.Here are the girls at In-N-Out Burger, where we were forced, I mean happy, to eat lunch only an hour or so after finishing breakfast. Here we are enjoying one of the highlights of the week......the nightly changing of the clock. Yes, some of us are easily amused. I even have the video of this, but that's a special clip that I treasure and don't just share with everyone.
As requested, pictures from the day that would not end.
"Let's Make A Deal"
Sorry Mom, I had to.
While in St. George for Christmas it was decided that I would be moving down there in just three short weeks. I cut my trip short to come home and start packing.

Here is how Brynlie chose to ring in the new year. For those of you wondering, Permanent Marker takes approx. three days to come off a child's face, and blue Permanent Marker makes a nice bruise looking color as it fades.


Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I love her art work!Glad you are finally updating :)
Hope you are doing well, I really miss seeing you!

Linda said...

1. Great Christmas pictures! I loved Annie's peace sign, and the Sadie/Kylie picture
2. Chuck will be pleased to know that Kylie is a pro at roller blading now
3. Let's Make a Deal payback will be forthcoming
4. Oh my goodness, Brynlie...did you have help?

kimbob said...

I always wondered how my kids would do with skating. Maybe I should get them some, they did get Heely's and don't ever wear them. I love Brynlie's masterpiece!

Peggy said...

The blue marker is AWESOME! Gotta love kids, and even more, gotta love cameras that we can blackmail them with someday ;)
Hope you are settled from your move.