Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sadie's Birth Story

I apologize for the length of this post, but it was important to me that I wrote this down for Sadie to have someday.

My pregnancy with Sadie had been planned about nine months before we started trying. I wanted a spring baby, in March or April, so we decided to start trying a month early to make sure it didn't turn into a Summer baby. Obviously, we didn't need to since her due date was February 28th. We weren't patient enough to wait until we were supposed to and started taking pregnancy tests early. We never got a positive test, but had enough tests with a VERY faint extra line that we knew we had to be pregnant.
I was so sick with Kylie and expected the same thing with Sadie. I was still very sick, but was much more successful at keeping my food down. I only threw up 8 times, 5 of which were right after eating pizza. You would think that I would have learned, but instead I kept craving and eating more pizza. I would switch pizza chains after an "incident".
We waited until we were over ten weeks pregnant (and had our first doctor's appointment) to tell our families. While in Vernal at my parents cabin we put Kylie in a tee-shirt that said "Big Sister" because my parents put me in a similar tee-shirt to announce my mom's second pregnancy to my grandparents. I was so glad that we were able to surprise them since the dinner we had been making was so offensive to my pregnant nose I almost ruined the surprise. Once we got back to Salt Lake we were going to tell Jared's family together but he got impatient and called them all while I was taking a nap, one of my favorite pastimes while pregnant.
I don't remember exactly when I first felt her kick, but I think it was around 15 weeks. I loved feeling her first little kicks since this time I knew what I was supposed to be feeling. That is my favorite part of being pregnant.
Since Kylie had been a girl we just expected that the next baby would be a boy. On October 9th, two days before my ultrasound, I got a phone call from my dad saying that my cousin Luke had just been killed in a repelling accident. For those two days I really hoped that the baby would be a boy so that his middle name could be Luke, although I think that was when I really started to know it was going to be a girl. Sadie's ultrasound was on October 11th at LDS Hospital. When we went in the first tech that helped us couldn't stop talking about what a perfect baby we had. She said that if she needed the baby to turn she would. If she needed another angle, the baby would cooperate. Over and over she used the word perfect. And beautiful. She was also able to tell the sex of Sadie almost immediately. We were both so excited for another little girl.
Around this time my parents sent us a full page ad from the Vernal Express looking for employees to work out in the oilfield, including a nice signing bonus. We had talked for years about possibly moving to Vernal and this seemed like a great opportunity to move there and let me be a full time mom. At the time, home prices in Vernal were so much less than Salt Lake. Right after Thanksgiving Jared started his new job in Vernal, leaving me behind 6 months pregnant and with a two year old. The last three months of my pregnancy were spent with him home every other weekend.
One day during the last half of my pregnancy I started to cramp really badly while working. The pain got so bad that I was doubled over in agony and crying. My doctor was out of the office that day, but I was told to come right in and see another doctor. Once I got there I was given the cup for my routine urine sample. As I was filling the cup I heard a weird noise, like something fell into the cup. I looked down and saw a little "stone" in it. The little stone turned out to be a very large kidney stone. I was just happy that there weren't any problems with the baby. And I felt much better after the stone had passed!
Up until my final trimester I had no idea what heartburn was, but was VERY familiar before I was done. My doctor told me to take Tums, but I don't think he ever understood just how bad it was. I took so many Tums and got so sick of them that the sight of them would make me gag. Literally. I turned to drinking chocolate milk since I was told to drink milk and I hate regular milk. I averaged 4 gallons a week for the last two months and gained plenty of weight. On Christmas Eve in Vernal, I spent the night in my uncle's bunk house with Jared. There was no chocolate milk and he insisted that I take a Tums. We fought about it, he won, and the Tums made it halfway down my throat before coming back up with dinner. I will never take another Tums for the rest of my life!
At my final appointment the week before I was due I tested positive for Strep B. This turned out to be a great blessing because I now needed to be induced. The doctor needed to get some antibiotics in my system for at least four hours before delivery and didn't want to chance me going into labor and not having time for them. I was able to schedule my induction for three days later on the 25th of February and give Jared a heads up so that he was in town for the delivery. We had been so worried that I would go into labor while he was in Vernal out in the oilfield and he would miss the delivery. The bad news was that I called my parents on the way home from the doctor's office and they were already on their way to Salt Lake for an unrelated trip and weren't going to be able to stay an extra day for the delivery.
I called the hospital like I was supposed to the morning of the 25th, but it took HOURS for a bed to become available. I was started on the Pitocin a little before noon and progress was slow until late that night. Right before I started pushing my doctor told me I'd probably push about half as long as I did with Kylie, which had been 45 minutes. I was so excited to have a short push time. But soon after that he realized that the baby was effaced. I asked what that meant and he said "looking up" and for a second I thought he said "look it up". I couldn't believe he had just said that to me! Three times he stuck his arm up in me and rolled Sadie over, and THREE TIMES she rolled right back over. Each time he rolled her over it hurt so much and I was so frustrated that the baby would roll back over. He finally said that she was coming one way of the other and we would just have to push. I pushed and pushed and pushed for over an hour and she wouldn't budge. Her little head was lodged on my pubic bone and couldn't get past it while facing the wrong direction. My day nurse was relieved by the night nurse and when she heard that Sadie was facing up she said that these deliveries are 100 times harder. That was the last thing I needed to hear! My doctor finally suggested using a vacuum and I agreed because I was desperate to stop pushing. After using the vacuum to help get her unstuck I pushed and suddenly both Jared and our doctor yelled out it excitement. They both were excited because as I pushed Sadie rolled over on her own, like she knew she was supposed to. I couldn't believe that they were happy about this accomplishment. I was so mad at her for not doing it earlier! After that she came right out. I knew she was bigger than Kylie because her body didn't just slide out quite as easily as Kylie had. She was 7 lbs, 15 oz and was 21 inches long. She was so mellow and quiet. I remember being shocked because she looked nothing like Kylie had. She had much fairer skin, and such light hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. I was so exhausted and shaky from pushing that I was afraid I was going to drop her. I gave her to Jared to hold and every time he tried to hand her back I would insist that he keep her. I feel silly for admitting this, but I was really upset with her for her little "rolling" stunt she had pulled. We commented on how calm she was and the nurse said she probably had an awful headache from the vacuum and I suddenly felt so guilty and completely forgot that I was angry with her. She had such a cone head that first night from the delivery and the vacuum.
During the pregnancy I spent countless hours online looking at baby names. Jared was the first one to suggest Sadie. I had known a Sadie when I was little that I wasn't particularly fond of so at first I said no, but then kept coming back to that name. After much thought we both decided that was the her name. The hard part was her middle name. The day after she was born we still didn't have a middle name, even though the records clerk kept calling to see if we had a name yet. We were throwing names out but couldn't agree. I knew I wanted it to start with a vowel, preferably an A. One that I really liked was Alivia, but Jared said no (I would win that one a couple of years later) so I suggested another one...Alyssa. It wasn't a name that we had considered before but both of us immediately liked how it sounded with Sadie.
The delivery had worn her out and she slept a lot for the first few days. I would have to wake her or have a nurse wake her for her feedings. My sister Annie was my only family in town and she brought Kylie to visit us the next morning. It took several minutes for Kylie to even decide to look at Sadie. I think that she was really overwhelmed, but did warm up eventually and was really proud to hold her new baby sister. On Jared's side of the family we had tons of visitors all day and late into the night on Saturday.
Sadie had jaundice so we had to make a couple of extra visits to the doctors office that first week, but everything was fine after that. She was a very healthy and happy baby that rarely cried. She loved to take long naps, sleep through the night, and was content to just watch the world around her. Whenever Kylie would walk in the room she would follow her with her eyes and then as she got older she's turn her head to watch her. Anything that Kylie did fascinated Sadie.

Sadie is such a wonderful addition to our family. She truly does have a sweet spirit and is our most loving and affectionate child. She is such a great snuggler! Lucky for me, she was also a great traveler. With Jared living in Vernal and our house for sale in Salt Lake we drove out to Vernal almost every other week. It was an interesting time of transition and Sadie was the perfect baby during all of it. Our family wouldn't be complete without her. We love you Sweet Sadie, so so much! Happy Birthday!

Monday, February 23, 2009


1. Brynlie has started sticking her tongue out and spitting at anyone who makes her mad. She first demonstrated this on Sunday as Sacrament Meeting started. Sadie quickly returned the favor. Moments like this make me so proud.

2. Brynlie has discovered that if I won't let her out of the aisle, she can go under and the people in the row in front of us will let her out. She doesn't bother to say excuse me as she pops up between the dad's legs and then pushes past everyone. We will have to work on her manners.

3. Brynlie prefers M&M's over goldfish and will spit out any offending goldfish once she finds the M&M's. She KNOWS that there are M&M's in my church bag since I bring them to encourage (bribe) my primary class with.

4. I am getting so good at wrapping one arm completely around Brynlie's body and tightly squeezing her arms to her sides as I take the sacrament. As I pass the tray I move with it to always keep myself between it and the little one. It is a true art form to see me in action.

5. Brynlie totally gets the "noise rule" in Sacrament meeting. The louder the noise, the quicker the exit. And adding an arched back will REALLY get Mom's attention.

6. I don't know what is scarier...not knowing what Kylie and Sadie are doing while alone in the chapel, or bringing Brynlie back in after teasing her with a moment of freedom.

7. Does she HAVE to pick her nose as we walk back into the chapel? Apparently so.

8. Okay, bringing Brynlie back in is definitely scarier. Back out we go.

9. Kylie rocks!! She packed up our huge mess and put everything back in the bag for me while I was MIA. That little prayer that I said must have worked.

10. Why do I have to have a calling on days like these? Oh yeah...if I didn't I'd probably just go home. The Bishop must be on to something.

11. Amanda rocks!! She stopped by before primary started to hug her daughter and volunteered to take Brynlie with her. Could she see the crazed look in my eyes? Am I really that transparent?

12. Our class size doubled when we found out that they haven't found replacements for the recently released teachers of the other CTR 6 class. Amanda couldn't have picked a better day to make friends with Brynlie.

13. Sadie knew that they were going to call her name for the birthdays so she didn't care when the called out her friend Sierra's name first. The music leader pointed at Sadie so she walked up and claimed Sierra's present.

14. Kylie was so reverent during primary. I've never seen anything like this before. Amazing. I just wanted to sit and stare at her.

15. Providing more proof that Brynlie is my clumsy baby, Amanda returned her to me as we were going to class. She had an accident in Relief Society. Or maybe she just heard rumor that the kids got cookies and she wanted in on the action.

16. Heather fed Brynlie a constant stream of M&M's during my lesson and that kept her fairly quiet. Three more weeks of this before she is officially old enough to be allowed into the nursery.

17. After class we stopped by the Bishop's office for treats. This was Brynlie's first time. With a huge Now and Later sticking out of her mouth and a steady stream of pink drool Brynlie cut back in line and stuck her fat little fist back in the jar. The Bishop had to pull the candy away to safety and explain that it was only one per week. Way to make a good impression Brynlie. As if Sacrament Meeting wasn't enough...

18. My Sunday afternoon nap couldn't come fast enough.

Should I be worried?

I walked in the kitchen the other day to find Sadie giggling and peeling the wrapper off of her crayon. She finished and held it up to show me, saying..."I took his clothes off. He's naked!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

See no evil, Speak no evil, SMELL no evil?


I had no idea that February could be this busy! It was really fitting that the 8th was Stake Conference and the 16th was President's Day, because the week in between them was so busy and I needed some time to rest and catch up.
I decided that Jared and I would just stay home this year and I'd make dinner for Valentines Day. We don't normally do much for Valentines day anyway, and between kids and a busy Saturday night this seemed to be the best plan. Plus I had a ham that my grandparents gave us for Christmas that needed to find a meal to go with it. My mom always made huge *PINK* dinners for valentines so I figured I could do something similar, although my goal was not to turn EVERYTHING possible pink like she would. For some reason, food that has a funny color sometimes just doesn't taste right. :) I have never really made a meal from scratch, usually relying on boxes and my freezer for help, but this year I decided I'd make the effort. After I had spent much time planning the meal and grocery shopping for most of it I discovered that my sister Kristi and her husband Chuck had offered to come babysit so we could go out for Valentines. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I have a way of ruining those things. I am too type A to not plan things ahead of time. So I decided I'd return the favor and fix dinner for all of us and then we'd go out to a movie. I'd already thought about inviting Vince and Meagan to also come over so I figured we might as well make it a family event. And then we got the flier from Kylie's school saying that this week was "Bring your family to school week". Suddenly my week got busier...
Monday was bring your "ladies" to lunch so Brynlie and I both joined Kylie for school lunch and met a few of her cute friends. We had a lot of fun seeing what Kylie does every day at lunch time.
Of course I didn't get all of my shopping done for our Valentine's dinner so Monday night we headed out to pick up some more things. I really hate shopping with my girls! We had to hurry because I was motived to be home before 8:00 when Heroes started. Yes, I have heard of a DVR and if anyone is birthday is in May.
Tuesday wasn't too busy. They had an activity planned that evening at Kylie's school but it just didn't sound fun to bring all three of the girls with me. I did that last year for the Kung Fu Panda movie night and I swore I'd never ever do that again! I was so lucky that Matt Earl and his kids were there to help out. So I stayed home and made a cheesecake for a friend that turned 30. You know who you are old lady!
On Wednesday we had to run back to the store since I knew that this would be my last opportunity. Jennifer stopped by that night for a couple of hours. The girls just love when she comes over. Indoor soccer is a favorite, unfortunately. The girls decided to throw snowballs (again, indoors) at Jennifer, but were less than sweet when she got even with them. You'd think that they would know that just because she is a girl doesn't mean she isn't also a South. They made up and were friends again before she left. Wednesday was also another family night at the school. Another night that we missed. Darn it. :)

I HATE mornings but made the effort to get up and go to school Thursday morning with Kylie for bring your parents to school morning. I was able to go see what their morning routine was. Then I went home to get us ready to go to the Draper Temple open house that afternoon. We decided that Brynlie would have more fun at home taking a nap (okay, we would have more fun with her home taking a nap) so we left her with Jamey and the four of us went to the open house. This is the closest thing I got to a family picture while there...oh well. We were just walking out of the temple and heading to the chapel for the VERY yummy cookies that they were serving. The Temple was gorgeous inside. The girls favorite parts were the baptismal font (Sadie is still talking about how we don't play in it) and the chandeliers in the bride's room and the celestial room. It was a wonderful experience to take the girls through and help them understand a little better what a temple is and what is done there.

Kylie was so excited to see the Salt Lake Temple picture.

And of course we needed a picture of the cookies!
We (telecommuters) are now required to come in to the office one day each month and I chose to come in on Friday. If I had known what a crazy week it was going to be I wouldn't have picked that day, but it was too late by then. The last time I went in the home was a DISASTER when I came home so I really wasn't looking forward to what awaited me at home. I was surprised to come home not only to a clean house, but also a scentsy candle that Jared glued back together for me after the girls had their way with it a few weeks ago. It was so nice to not have a huge mess to clean up!! I got the girls dressed and we took them over to Jason and Tawnie's. Maddie and Jason had spent the night the weekend before with Tyler visiting Friday night so she was returning the favor since we had our taxes scheduled for early Saturday morning. We went out to dinner and then picked Brynlie up and went to bed. Like I said, we were up early the next morning for our 9:00 appointment. What was I thinking? 9:00...I should have known better. I also realized Friday night that I forgot to print my W2 off at work so we had to leave even earlier to make a quick stop at the corporate office to print it out. Did I mention I hate mornings? We did really well on our taxes this year so I guess I won't complain too much about the early morning. Plus, it gave me more time for my dinner that night. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into! Homemade rolls, homemade potatoes (can you believe that I had never made them before?), the ham, heart shaped jello, etc, etc. It was a lot of work, but I think it turned out really well. We had so much food so I was really glad that we had others to share it with. After dinner I got Brynlie out of the bath and changed Taylor's diaper and when I came back into the kitchen it was almost clean. I was so grateful to Meagan and Kristi for helping with all of the dishes.

Sorry for cutting your face off Chuck...
That afternoon Sasha and Jason stopped by with the kids for a visit and then left Taylor with us while they went to the Monster Truck Jam with TJ and Jason's brother. The plan was still to have Jared and I go out after dinner, but I was so exhasted after our early morning and all the cooking that it was the last thing I wanted to do. Good thing Kristi and Chuck will have a couple more opportunities coming up in the next two months to do some more babysitting.
Yes, Brynlie is hitting Taylor, but softly. She loves to anger and in play. Brynlie is lucky because she has cousins on both sides of the family that are close in age to her. We don't get to see Taylor a lot since she lives in Vernal so it was fun for us to play with her. I don't think the Brynlie even noticed that Taylor was wearing her jammies.

My wonderful mom made Valentine's bags full of goodies for each of our families so after the dinner I got to top it off by bringing out all the gifts. It was a fun way to end the evening. Actually I had more fun falling asleep on the couch with Taylor. I was tired!

My day with Jenny

I have a confession to make...I once worked at Chuck E Cheese. I have another confession...I LOVED it! I made a lot of really great friends there, but lost contact through the years. The last time I saw Jenny and her cousin Katie was at my wedding, but as I was blog surfing I came across Katie's blog (I was on a blog of someone I didn't even know...what are the chances?!) and from there found Jenny too. I was so excited to find them since I'd thought of them several times over the years but had no way to get in contact. Katie lives in California now, but Jenny is still here in Utah so we decided to meet up for lunch a couple of weekend ago. And since we have six kids between the two of us what better place than Chuck E Cheese!?
Brynlie was very ornery when we first got there and didn't want to ride the rides.
But, after getting some food in her belly...

...she started to warm up to the rides...
...and then decided this might be fun...
...and finally she was a happy little girl!

Jenny's two youngest, Asia and Gavin.

Jenny and her little boy Gavin.
Gavin doing his "cool" pose by putting his hands in his pockets.
And me with Brynlie. Jasmine and Sadie
Sadie got to dance with Chuck E!
Brynlie followed Chuck E until she lost him and found another Chuck E on the stage to watch. She was really intrigued by him.
The four older girls. Gavin and Brynlie weren't cooperating so they were not invited into this picture.

I am so happy that I found Katie and Jenny and that I was able to meet Jenny's beautiful kids! How did we survive before the Internet?! Thanks Jenn for calling. Let's do it again soon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's out.

Can't tell that she lost her first tooth? If she hadn't waited for the permanent one to come in first that might have helped...

Jared finally took matters into his own hands and used some floss to remove the tooth. It flew straight up, hit the ceiling, and bounced off the wall before landing on the floor. We had to shut the door to the office to keep the little ones out until the tooth could be found.

At 3:30 that morning Kylie had to wake me up to show me her gold dollars that the tooth fairly left. And she was the first one up the next morning, still too excited about the money to sleep. Not even Santa Claus himself was able to get her out of bed that early.

Who needs boys when you have girls like these?

I discovered a puddle near the toilet today and asked Sadie if she peed on the floor since she is notorious for finding unique places to do her business. She assured me that she had gone on the toilet, but while going she "was just twirling on the potty and it got out on the floor".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

You can't see me!

Yesterday I chased my naked giggling baby down the hallway and this was the best place that she could find to hide.