Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ground Hog Day

This was my view of the drive from West Jordan to St. George.Sometimes I'd get a little closer, and this would be the view.Other times, a car would pass us and this would be the view.On occasion, I would look in my rear view mirror and this was what I got to see.
Sometimes we would pass someone and I would get a brief view of the side of Russ and Annie's truck and trailer and would even be able to see Jason and Sasha's truck and trailer in front of them.

There were a couple of exciting moments when Russ got sick of following and would pass Jason. Then this was the view I got.Jason would scowl as we passed...And then the next view I would get would be of Jason passing us all again.And then this would be my view yet again.
Once, this kind truck tried to run me off the road, unaware that I would not be giving up my spot directly behind the brake light-less trailer that Russ was pulling. But I did not give up my view.

Throughout our entire drive, my dad got to enjoy being in the front, smugly knowing that his sons-in-law wouldn't dare disrespect and pass him. When we passed our first officer he had Mom send a text to all of us requesting thanks and praise for the ticket he just got at least one of us out of.


Linda said...

I had no idea Russ didn't have trailer lights! Thank you for sparing me that huge worry! (and now it's already time for the next moving trip!)

kimbob said...

looks like a fun drive down :) :) What great help you had

Amanda said...

You're hilarious. But not very safe.

Annie said...

This post is appropriate to sit here for months.

Ground Hog Day. Seriously, every time I visit your blog.

Tawnie said...

I am feeling the same as Annie...Please oh already!!!

Tawnie said...

um....almost a year since your last post! This is ridiculous!! I remember the day you harassed me for not doing one if it was a couple of weeks!!
I miss your posts and can't emphasize it enough!
love you!!