Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Lights at Temple Square

I HATE crowds. Despise them. Loathe them. You get the idea. We went to Temple Square last week with some of the South family. Jared and I always take the train in from 13th south so the girls can experience a train ride and we don't have to find parking. When the first train came by we weren't able to get on because it was too crowded. Yes, there were 14 of us and two strollers, but there was no way we were going to find a spot for even half of us. After standing around waiting for 10 or so minutes for the next train we were very determined to find room and we made it work. We should have known that everyone on that train was heading for the same place we were. The crowds at Temple Square were awful. We weren't able to walk around and enjoy the lights because we were too busy pushing our way through the crowds. Oh, and trying to find bathrooms for all of the little girl bladders. But at least we tried, right?


Amanda said...

Looks cold AND crowded. Not my thing either.

Hey Tawnie - Did someone tell you a joke you didn't want to laugh at, or are you feeling like you want to punch Aspen in the head? Either way, you look adorable!

Jolene said...

Hey, we went to Temple Square last week too, on Thursday. What day did you go? It was way crowded when we went. I think there were several other things going on downtown that night.

Tawnie said...

As you know AMANDA, I hate my pic taken and ASPEN knows it but she still insists.
Hey Aspen it was a good idea and atleast it wasn't that cold. Maybe another time. I hate crowds!