Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Park Family Reunion

This isn't the real group picture. I took this one while Uncle Rob was running inside to grab something for the camera. Which is why there are gaps and no one is looking at the camera.

The weekend of July 25th-27th was my family reunion on my mom's side of the family. Reunions are so much different now that most of us are married and starting families of our own. It is so much fun getting to meet/know all of the spouses and kids that are added to the family every two year. This year it was held at 5-Star Ranch just southeast of Spanish Fork, UT. The home that we stayed in was beautiful...great job Rob and Sandee! Half the people that read this blog were at the reunion so I won't go into much detail. They've already all blogged about it anyway...

The whole Merrell family, except for Jared, who was stuck working in Vernal that weekend.

Grandpa and Grandma Park. The reason for the reunion.
Every reunion Grandpa holds a golfing contest to see who can hit their balls the furthest, with great cash prizes going to the winners. For some, this is a serious contest.

The guys out braving the heat.

The women, smartly enjoying the shade.
The Merrell kids have got GREAT form!!

The little girls finally got a chance at Rock Band while the older ones were out golfing.

Fun with a sling shot and water balloons.

Looking for Golf balls after the contest. Grandpa paid $1 for each golf ball returned. We each hit 5 balls, there were approximately 35-40 of us that hit...that's a lot of money to be made.

We were able to go down the road to a ranch owned by a friend of Aunt Sandee and let the kids take a quick ride on a horse. We had to hurry since it was starting to storm.

Vince babysat Brynlie for me while I took the kids on their horseback ride.

And Brandon spent some quality time on the Internet.
Jamie planned some crafts for the kids to do that afternoon.

Mickala and Brynlie, the only two blue eyed Merrells, so far. The jury is still out on Taylor's eyes.
We had so much fun this year! Thanks to Rob and Sandee for all of the time and energy that they put into this reunion. Vince and I have volunteered the Merrell siblings to plan the next reunion in 2010 (That means you Annie, Kristi, Sasha, and Mickala!) so any suggestions/ideas would be welcome!


kimbob said...

I'm curious, did you try Rock Band?? And if so did you like it?

Kristalyn said...

YOu did a really good job of capturing a variety of pictures. I'm getting my reunion post ready and I realized that I don't have any variety at all. I'm excited that you guys are planning it! I just suggest that all married couples have the option of having a room. :)

HOpefully we'll get to see you before then, though!