Thursday, August 21, 2008


For the past year a lot of the focus has been on Kylie and school, dance, recitals, and soccer and on Brynlie and all of the many milestones that babies hit almost daily. Sadie has been stuck in the middle, quietly growing up into a beautiful little girl. Her hair finally got long like a princess and I went and chopped it off. This was actually done back in June and her hair is already getting long again, and much healthier.


Rattie is still her constant companion. After we lost him this spring she has become very possessive of him. If she realizes that she can't find him she panics and becomes VERY mean searching the house for him. She snaps at everyone until he is found and safe in her arms again.
Last month Sadie got in trouble and when went to her room she wasn't there. She had gone outside and fallen asleep. Way to break Mom and Dad's hearts Sadie!

Sadie and Brynlie have become such good friends. Every time Brynlie sees Sadie she gets so excited and playfully hits her on the face. Sadie is the only person that Brynlie does this too, and she is so good natured to let her little sister do this to her.

This summer Sadie is finally old enough to keep up with her big sister and cousins when they play together. In the past she has really struggled being younger than the others and unable to do all that they can do. Now it is so fun to watch her be one of the big kids.

She still has that sweet tooth. I'm not sure what I am going to do with her!

Jared finally took the girls to Liberty park this past weekend and let them ride on a couple of the old (and I'm not joking when I say old) rides that he operated when he worked there as a kid.

Then we went over to the water area for the girls to cool down and play.
We tried curlers in Sadie's hair that night, but her hair is still too fine for them to work very well. We'll have to keep playing with them because she loved her curly hair. Thanks Larkyn for helping roll her hair!

After much waiting (and tears when she wasn't old enough last year) Sadie finally started dance this month. We are so excited that her best friend Aspen is in her dance class. Now we rotate and one week I take the girls while Jamey keeps the babies at home and then the next week Jamey takes the girls and I keep the babies at home. I am so happy with this arrangement...thanks Jamey!!!

Next week Sadie starts preschool. Aspen's mom Jamey is her teacher and she was Kylie's preschool teacher two years ago. I got so lucky to have a preschool teacher live right next door. After preschool our next goal will be to stop sucking her thumb, although I'm afraid that is a far off goal. Aspen is working on stopping sucking her thumb right now so maybe that will inspire Sadie. Wishful thinking, I know. I am amazed at how much Sadie is growing up. She is turning into such a sweetheart, which a little temper thrown in there to keep us on our toes. I love you Sadie!


kimbob said...

It is amazing how different our lives are with our kids. But we both do things that probably the other wishes they could do. :) We do have Rock Band and have played it once with friends and it was really fun! We still need to get together one of these week-end when Jared is in town. We are going to the Elegant Evening. I wondered about volunteering but don't want to abandon Bob. We'll have to hang out then for sure

Tawnie said...

Don't tell the other girls..But Sadie is my favorite. I do love all your girls. I can't beleive how big she is! I still have the pics from when she was just 3 months old here in the office. Time just goes by sooo fast. I can't wait to see them fight over boyfriends when they all get older.

Amanda said...

Oh the middle girl! Aren't they perfect? She will be such a blessing for you all your life.

LINDA said...

What a precious little girl! She truly is a princess! And did anyone else notice the height restrictions on the Ferris Wheel? She must have stood on her tippy toes for that one!