Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas, Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, Mom had several activities planned for us this Christmas. On Sunday, we had our "cook-off", a cooking contest between the guys and the girls. The girls decided to go with a Mexican theme, while the guys did the typical guy meal...meat and potatoes. Come on boys, can't you be more original? Okay, so they did prime rib and twice baked potatoes, but really, who wants nasty old prime rib when you can have MEXICAN!!? The contest ended in a tie, but only because the guys paid the judges. (Sorry guys, this is my blog so I can tell the story how I "remember" it. Get your own blogs if you don't like it.) I will admit that the guys worked very hard on their food. So hard in fact, that after Sacrament meeting every single guy except Dad needed to go home and help and were unable to make it to the other two classes. Now that shows dedication!

Here is the girl's beautiful food. Yummy!

If you look closely, you can see the guys food at the end of the counter. I didn't get any good pictures of their food, but if you go to Squire's blog on my links you can find a couple good ones that Annie took.

That night Jared and I took the girls swimming at the motel and Sasha and Jason joined us. It was Brynlie's first time swimming and she really seemed to enjoy it. We wish TJ could have been there with us! The girls have so much fun swimming with him. The next day was Christmas Eve and the day was spent 4-wheeling, shopping, and doing last minute things to prepare for the big day. That night we dropped off gifts on the doorsteps of a couple of families in need, sang some Christmas songs, read the story of Christ's birth, and opened our Christmas Eve gifts. Each year we buy a "spiritual" gift for one other family. This year books and DVDs were very popular. Before going to bed I took the girls swimming one last time. I highly recommend that as a Christmas Eve activity. They were so worn out they fell right asleep! Here are some pictures of the Christmas morning. We were all spoiled, as always, and are so grateful for everything that we received from everyone. If we didn't already thank you, and even if we did, Thank You all for everything! We know that we are so lucky to have such a great families! It has been great seeing everyone this holiday season and look forward to many more. And an extra special thanks to Mom for all of the planning that went into making this Christmas such a great one.

Here is Brynlie with Grandma Merrell. She was checking out all of the gifts Santa left while we made her sisters wait in the back. Sometimes it pays to be the baby!

The girl coming out of the back to see what they got.

"Look Mom!"

Sadie and Kylie enjoying their desks that
Santa got them. Now maybe they will leave Mom's piano bench alone.
Mom, Vince, Meagan, Brynlie and a burp cloth on Vince's shoulder.
Dad, with a small stack of his presents. (Can anyone tell me how to rotate this picture??)
Kristi and Chuck checking out his new Hot Wheel truck. Yes, Chuck is just a grown up kid. I'm pretty sure that he put some Hot Wheels on their wedding registry .

Annie and Russ. You can't see it in this picture, but in another picture I swear Russ has his big toenail painted. Care to explain Russ?
Sasha and Jason checking out what Santa left for them in their socks. Call me crazy, but doesn't Jason's gift looked like it has already been opened and used? Hmm...a meat thermometer. Didn't the guys use one of those the day before when cooking their prime rib?
More picture of Vince and Meagan. Also, Uncle Randy and Aunt Lou Ann holding Brynlie. Sadie was very grateful that they stopped by, because she put Uncle Randy right to work opening up her princess figurines that Santa brought. What are they thinking when they package these toys? In addition to the age requirements and batteries needed, they should also list time and tools needed to open up the package.
Kylie and Mickala. No, Mickala did not get a Barbie (although she may have secretly wanted one), she is just helping Kylie with hers.
The End!


Linda said...

The cook off will always be one of my favorite memories; it was my easiest Sunday dinner in years! Next year, we'll have to revise a few of the rules, though...and add to the budget. Although, if Dad's willing to foot the bill for another prime rib, I'm all for it! That was the best prime rib I've ever eaten in my life! (But I confess I voted for the twice baked potatoes on the people's choice award).

Kristalyn said...

What a fun idea to have a cook off! YOu guys look like you had so much fun! That's hilarious that all of the guys decided that they needed to miss the end of church to make sure that their dinner was perfect. :)

Mother of the Bride said...

What a fun, fun Christmas! How wonderful that you were all there together. I have fond memories of the Christmases we spent together when all you kids were little.

Russ & Annie Squire said...

On Christmas Eve when you were shopping Kylie asked me out of the blue if I would take her to Wal-Mart. She said they were getting all the presents and she really wanted to get you something. I didn't think we could all go to Wal-Mart so we decided to make you the "Orange" book. Kylie and Sadie wanted to make it perfect and were very excited to give it to you.

Anonymous said...

Not only did they use the meat temp. thingy....he was the one that bought it...

Linda said...

Just so you know; it was not my idea to give Jason the meat thermometer, it was Dad's.