Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Annie!!

Annie's birthday was yesterday, but better late than never!
Annie all geared up to go 4-wheeling Christmas Eve

Annie at the cabin.
Annie playing with Kylie at Jake and Emily's wedding. Annie "cleaning" the earwax out of her ear...resulted in a trip to the doctors.
Annie and Russ feeding each other cake at their reception.
Annie snuggling with baby Sadie.

Happy 25th birthday! We love you!!


Russ & Annie Squire said...

How embarrassing!! That 4-wheeling picture is the worst ever! No wonder everyone was laughing. Are those Dad's glasses I was wearing? Does he wear them regularly? Anyway, thanks for the birthday post and for the gift card you sent with Kristi. We'll definitely use that.

Linda said...

I think you looked cute! And, it was so cold outside that night, you really needed protection against frostbite. Happy quarter of a century, Annie!

AJ and Cindy Maudsley said...

Happy Birthday Annie, I loved all the pictures, although I too have a few embarrassing ones of you from our stint at Snow hall, remember when you put on all the clothes that you could?? I have that picture somewhere....