Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vegas Abbreviated

We had lots of fun on our annual Vegas trip last weekend. Friday was spent shopping, eating, and go-carting in St. George. (We made some 16 year old kids night when he got to enjoy his power trip and sternly tell us adults that we weren't driving properly.) Saturday we spent the day on the strip and took in a show at Excalibur for dinner. The idea behind the dinner is that we eat like they did back in the days of old...no utensils, menus, condiments etc. Apparently they didn't have any beverages back then besides Pepsi, diet Pepsi, and alcohol. The meal was okay, as was the show, but nothing I would ever suggest to anyone unless the price was reduced by A LOT. Sunday was spent sleeping in really late, convincing ourselves that we did have to go back home to the cold weather, and finally seeing our kids after a much needed a break. I swear they get cuter when you are away from them for a few days. Kylie came to the door to greet us, Sadie couldn't be bothered because she was on the Internet, and Brynlie was excited to see us until that meant Chuck was leaving. She cried when he left. I'm glad to see that my children do as well away from us as we do from them.


Tawnie said...

Oh I had so much fun..I am so glad that even though we changed going like 5 times that you and Jared were able to go. Oh and even though I did not get to a proove the pics, I am fine with the posting..I just thought you had a bunch more besides us clowning around!!

kimbob said...

looks like from the pictures you and Tawnie had fun :) Glad you were able to get away and get a break from work and kids. We do all need that to keep sane.

Amanda said...

Those puckered lips are almost more than I can handle.

Are you free tonight?