Monday, June 30, 2008

She did what?

I am here today to make you all feel a little bit better about yourselves.

I'll be honest... My parenting skills? I am not winning any awards as the world's best mom. Just ask my less than perfect kids. I have almost no patience, and sometimes I find myself asking why I am so upset over something so little. In my defense, it is three against one...but this post is not about excuses. My husband and I? We don't always get along. In fact, we have to work very hard to make our marriage work. And there are days that it just doesn't. The kids? They are stinkers! They love to ignore me and stick out their tongues when they think I'm not looking. In honor of all of our imperfections, here's a list of things to make you all smile and say...I'm not the only one, or it could be worse, or maybe even...she did WHAT?

I get mad and yell at my kids. I'm trying harder, but it still happens. A lot.

I've realized that sometimes I'm yelling at my kids not to get their attention, but to get their dad's attention so he will realize that I am frustrated and need help.

I've let my babies cry so I could finish cleaning up the house.

A couple of weeks ago I was sick and my kids had brownies for breakfast and Popsicles for lunch.

After three days of being sick I broke down and took some Dayquil, even though I am still breastfeeding once a day. I did try Children's Tylenol first and it did nothing.

My girls were both potty trained young, but both still have accidents. I think they copy each other. If one has an accident, the other is not far behind.

Sadie was sitting on my lap watching a movie last fall when she fell asleep and peed on my lap. Jared thought it was so funny.

I laughed last time Sadie peed the bed because she was snuggling with her dad.

A few weeks ago we went to Arctic Circle and the girls used the bathroom. Before leaving I went in to change Brynlie's diaper and there was a toilet full of number 2. Just as I was loudly saying how gross some people are to not flush Kylie informs me that that was Sadie's. As least she wiped...

At our old house Jared had to screw down Kylie's vent in her room because she would pull it off and do her business in it.

Jennifer baby sat for me a while ago and said as she walked down the hall she noticed both of my girls in the bathroom. Going pee. At the same time. On the same toilet.

Sadie has fillings in her front teeth from too much sugar and apple juice and not enough brushing her teeth. Bad mommy...

I caught her chewing on tin foil the other day, on the front teeth. (I made you cringe, didn't I?)

All of my girls like to lick/suck on batteries. I found Brynlie licking a D battery that other day, and yes there is a little shock that they get when they do this. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. I did... Our old cell phones were always having problems because they'd get a hold of them and stick their tongues on the contacts. We have new phones now, with the contacts covered.

My kids don't have a bed time and stay up way too late. We are working on going to bed earlier since Kylie starts 1st grade in 4 weeks.

Sunday mornings at our house are rarely peaceful and happy. I usually do a lot of yelling.

I renewed my temple recommend last summer and haven't been to one session since. (I did go to a couple of sealings though.)

Last week we skipped church and went to Raging Waters. (Can I blame Jason for that one? It was his bad his ex didn't bother to show with his son TJ, which was the whole reason why we were going in the first place.)

I'm good at blaming others (see above).

I've googled ex-boyfriends.

I taught Kylie her first swear word. She clogged the toilet and it overflowed. She immediately repeated what I said.

I just yelled at Kylie to get out of the office because I am trying to type this blog and she won't stop whining.

I put my kids in time out and then I forget about them.

Sometimes when my kids are whining and fighting I hide when they come to tattle.

We eat way too much fast food and frozen food. Way. Too. Much.

This list could go on and on and on, but I've got to stop somewhere.


Lauri said...

I love your honesty-my keyboard has red popsicle all over it from the kids just now. So I love your stories...I have chosen to type a comment before I clean this up! It's on me, the carpet & my keyboard & desk...nasty!

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! My sister and I totally peed together like that. I think we got tired of fighting about who got to go first. But we did it A LOT and I was old enough to remember.

Kylie and the vent... hilarious!

kimbob said...

I'm glad to hear girls pee in the vent too. My boys do it and now when the air is on and you walk into their room it stinks like pee. We also had to screw down the vent but it didn't stop them, hence the rusted vent. I love reading your blog, you word things awesome! You're a great mom but I feel the same way you do, I'm constantly yelling at my kids too. They have the worst selective hearing!!

Mother of the Bride said...

Dear sweet Aspen! If people wrote truly accurate Christmas letters they would sound a lot like your blog. Hang in there, you're doing just fine. (And now that you've vented you can go write some of those really sweet blogs again!)

Eric and Stacey Moutsos said...

Ha ha that is really funny! I am a yeller too! Although I am really working on that one. I also have not been to the temple for a while. It is hard with new babies but we are going tomorrow!!! YAHOO... and I feel your pain on the potty thing. Ava used to poop in her diaper, dig it out then hand it to me. What do you do?

Tari said...

LoL! Oh you are so funny. I wish I could be that honest. I cover up all my mistakes with lots of frilly fluf until I look almost perfect. But I think I can relate to almost everything you've done.
Next post I want one with all the good things you do for your kids. Let's be positive there has to be something good.