Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't look Mom!

You were warned Mom, so don't get mad at me!
The same night that Kylie had her school carnival she also had her first big wreck on her bike. She loves going fast, but doesn't quite grasp the concept of slowing down to turn or go over curbs. Until she respects how hard the ground is, the training wheels will have to stay.


Linda said...

Ouch! My poor little angel! I'm so gald that it is almost healed.

kimbob said...

That is so sad to see, she must have crashed hard! Hopefully she'll slow down (like kids understand that)

Robert, Melanie and fam said...

Ouch!!! She looks like she's trying to be brave in the pictures!! Poor little sweetie!! I'm sure her daddy has had quite a few of those scraps with how much they would go skating!