Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Our Memorial Weekend was a rainy, uneventful one. We decided to take advantage of the Zoo Membership that I purchased while at Kylie's field trip (which I am so glad that we did because we will get more than our money's worth out of it. Anyone up for a zoo trip?) It was a perfect day, just cool enough that Jared was happy, and not too cold for us girls.
Jared did lots of "heavy" lifting...

I always knew that he was a gorilla!
Sadie refused to stick her head in the mouth for a picture.But she would crawl on the spider web.
Brynlie never fussed the whole time we were there. She is such a happy baby!This was a little owl that would sit there not doing much...until Jared walked up. Every time he walked up to the glass the owl would puff up big like this and would shrink back down when he left. Jared was the only one that he owl would react to. Kylie checking out the ducks.Jared had fun with the girls trying to stop the ball from rolling in the water.I absolutely LOVE my double stroller! It is so nice and tall enough that even Jared doesn't mind pushing it. I'm pretty sure that this is the most expensive "baby" item that I have ever purchased, and I have no regrets.
This was my favorite. Kylie got tired so Sadie let her ride in the stroller and then Sadie walked next to her holding hands. I love it when my girls are getting along and not fighting.
Mommy and Brynlie.
By the end of the day the girls had kicked Brynlie out of the stroller, just in time for the steep climb up the hill to the back parking lot.


Amanda said...

I just bought a membership today because I was there with Rhon's class. Weird. So I'm always in for a trip. Well, maybe not ALWAYS.

Jamie said...

Fun pictures. That thing about Jared and the owl is hilarious.