Friday, April 10, 2009

Not a Fan

Ten years ago I had the privilege of working at the MACU in branch in Bountiful and commuting each day from Salt Lake. This was during the I-15 reconstruction for the 2002 Olympics. The traffic was horrible every single day, and I understood how desperately another road was needed. So I was all for it when they announced they were building Legacy Highway out there. I took Sadie up to Layton to meet Kristi last night and on the way home I decided that I would try out the fancy new highway. The highway is this nice, beautiful, wide, smooth road. And then they went and ruined it. Once I was fully committed to the road and had no way to turn around, I saw it. A sign. A big ugly sign. A big ugly sign that said 55 MPH. Then they made the road even uglier by adding several cars with bright red and blue lights on top of them. Never again.


Kristin. said...

Well I could have told you that! The reason why it's 55 is because the wildlife needs to get used to having cars driving on that road- and the reason there's so many officers is because the speed limit is 55. They did say they would be changing the speed limit to 65... one day. Just have yet to mention when that day would be.


kimbob said...

so did you get stopped by one of those cars with red and blue lights?

Jolene said...

You can thank Rocky for that. It still does make it easier with the second freeway, but I totally agree with you. Who makes a freeway with a speed limit of 55 MPH? Thanks for reminding me of those nice days ten years ago!