Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some of my favorite moments this month...

Finding Brynlie's missing shoe, the day AFTER I bought her a new pair.

Putting my foot in my flip flop, only to discover that someone had spilled something sticky in it.

Walking down the stairs and knowing three steps before getting to the bottom and turning into the basement that Brynlie had a stinky diaper.

Russ informing me after Sadie's weekend in Logan that"Sadie likes to fart...a lot".

Pouring myself a big glass of Sprite, only to discover that the girls had finished it off and refilled it with water.

Spending a good half an hour in a dressing room with all three of my girls, trying on swimming suits. For me, not them.

Vowing never to eat again after trying on the swimming suits.

Leaving the store with my new swimming suit and going directly to Chick-Fil-A for some much needed comfort food.

Checking out at the grocery store and having the cashier tell me "Good luck with all those kids". I only had my three girls with me.

Discovering Brynlie as she learned how neat bananas feel when squished between her toes.

Driving down the road and hearing Kylie say "Oh, that felt good", and then smelling what "felt so good".

Realizing that my friends are trying to make me fat. Delia forced her super delicious chocolate mint recipe on me (and gave it to Tawnie to make sure that I couldn't escape them), Maria baked me an amazing cookbook cover worthy Cherry Cheesecake, and Amanda took me out for Ice Cream and fries at Leatherby's.

Finding my flosser near the girl's toilet. The toilet.

Getting told at Brynlie's first ever dental check-up that her teeth are already getting soft and showing signs of decay. Why did she and Sadie both have to get my teeth?!

I'm leaving for Disneyland on Tuesday, but I really don't know how the rest of this month can top the first half.


M. Nelson said...

Did you ever find out what made your shoe sticky?

Heather said...

You have some nice friends! Just make sure you return the favors so they get fat too:)Hope you have a great time at Disneyland!

kimbob said...

You are awesome! and I love reading your blog, I was laughing my hear off while reading this :) Have fun in Disneyland and can't wait to hear about it and see pictures. I'll miss you while you're gone! Share your recipes

Peggy said...

I laughed so hard! I thought boys were an adventure, but you sure have quite the experiences with your girls. That was a lot of fun reading this post.