Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Chicken Suit

My last post had a picture of Sadie holding Rattie in her Halloween costume and Annie posed the question ..."who wore it better?" since both girls have worn it. Here are a couple more pictures of Sadie and then the last two are of Kylie. In another couple of years we will be able to add Brynlie's pictures too. This is my very favorite costume ever...cute and VERY WARM!!

Isn't this the cutest Chicken bum you've ever seen?

Hugging before leaving to go trick-or-treating.

Kylie, her thumb, and Vince at the Trunk or Treat in my parent's ward in Vernal.

Meagan holding Kylie at the Trunk or Treat while Kylie showed us some of her loot. Not to take the attention away from Kylie, but I love this picture of Meagan.


Mandy said...

Before I can make an educated decision of "who wore it better?" I think i need to see the mom in the costume.

Its such a cute costume! My friends little girl has it and looked so cute in it. Old Navy costumes are great, aren't they?
We have the pumpkin and the monkey.

Anonymous said...

I just read your last blog...went and read kristis latest...and checked annies...but she hasnt updated lately either...and i clicked on your name by accident....and to my suprise...a new blog...

Sasha Nicole*