Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm really irritated that my last post didn't have any pictures, so I'm adding a few just for fun. This one is from this morning. Kylie got out of the bath, laid down in front of the Christmas tree with the space heater, and fell asleep using a present as a pillow. It wasn't even a soft present either, it was a box.
These jammies used to be Sadies, when she was three MONTHS old. She has had her eye on them ever since I pulled them out of storage for Brynlie. The other night I got them out to put on Brynlie and then they disappeared, only to reappear a few minutes later. For the record, they aren't supposed to be shorts, or even capri's. Those are pants!


Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

haha, that picture of Sadie reminded me of Alexis. I think it was about a year ago, that this happened, but Alexis got something on her pants and I told her to run upstairs and change into some different pants. Well a few minutes later she came down wearing some cute capri's that I didn't recognize. I looked at the tag and noticed that they were Levi's size 12 month church pants! They totally fit her around the waist. She was mortified when she found out, but I got a good laugh out of it.

Jamey said...

I should have taken Kylies picture yesterday when she was here, because the girls were playing dress-up, and I think we only have 2 or 3 dresses, but Kylie came down wearing one of Aspen's church dresses that is a size 2T, and it is kind of short on Aspen. It was funny. So she found a skirt to put on under it, because it just looked like a shirt instead of a dress.

Kristin & Chuck Reems said...

Both of those pictures are absolutely hilarious! Even Chuck laughed pretty hard!
Kylie is obviously following in the Merrell footsteps of being a diehard Christmas Nazi!!! With Sadie's hair... she looks like a little orphan! haha