Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not the world's best mom.

What an awful, horrible night! Kylie was performing at the Jazz game pre-show last Saturday night and she has been so excited for this night. They have been holding practice three times a week to get them ready and Kylie was constantly practicing around the house. They were supposed to be there at 5:30 and the dance was at 6:30. Because we were required to buy tickets to the game to get in it was only going to be me, Kylie, and Brynlie (who got in for free). Jared said he would take us and drop us off so I didn't have to fight traffic, find a parking spot, and walk a couple of blocks. At about 4:45 I told Kylie to grab her dance bag and make sure she had her ballet slippers so that we could get in the car. Kylie brought the bag to me with only 1 ballet slipper in it. I had hot glued her slipper that morning and handed it to her, telling her to put it back in her bag so we didn't have to search for it. And of course, it's not there. I started searching for it and Jared went out to the car to wait. After about 10 minutes he comes back in to find me freaking out that I can't find it. We TORE the house apart looking for it. Bedding was thrown off beds, cushins removed from the couches, toy boxes dump all over the floors, laundry basket emptied with clothes strewn everywhere. It was awful. I was so upset and kept yelling at poor Kylie for losing her shoe. Jared finally gave up and started watching TV. At 5:30 I told him that we should just go w/out the shoe. Sasha and Jason were also going to the game and I had just called them to see if they would run to a payless to see if they could find some near her size. (I didn't have much hope since they NEVER have much selection). We got in the car and I told Jared to hurry since we were already supposed to be there. We almost ran a lady from our ward off the road in our hurry (I apologized to her at church the next day.), but we made it in 24 minutes (a miracle). I called the downtown payless on the way and they didn't have any in her size, and she said that none of the stores in the valley did. Kylie wears a 12 and they had an 11 or a 13 1/2. I told them to hold both up at the front and Sasha would be in to buy them. Jared dropped me and the two girls off and we RAN in and around the building to the door that we were meeting at. Of course, the dancers were long gone and getting ready, but another dancer's dad saw me with Kylie all dressed up and pointed me to the right portal. I hurried down there and got Kylie situated and then went back up that long set of stairs with a very heavy baby in my arms to wait for Sasha and Jason and the shoes. While waiting I dug through Kylie's dance bag for my camera and discovered that I had left in it the car. The ONE thing I told myself not to forget, and I forgot it. And then Brynlie spit up all over me. Of course. Sasha and Jason showed up right after that and informed me that when they got to payless the employees told them they didn't know what they were talking about, there were no shoes there waiting for them. They only ones they had close to Kylie's size were Jazz shoes, not ballet slippers. Knowing I was desperate they had bought them. I ran them down to Kylie as her class was all walking out onto the court. The poor little thing was so embarrassed to be wearing her tennis shoes. I threw the jazz shoes on her as the dance studio owner came up to me and told me that someone had left a size 12 ballet slipper at class Thursday night!!!! At first I didn't think it was ours since I was sure that we had had both, but as I thought about it I realized that I hadn't ever seen both slippers, just the one that I had hot glued. I returned to Jason and Sasha and did not tell them about this new development since I had made them go on such a wild goose chase. (Sorry guys!) I asked Jason to please take pictures since I didn't bring my camera. Six pictures later the batteries he had just put in that morning died. What else could go wrong?! The dance itself went great and Kylie was so beautiful. She really is quite a good dancer. All of the groups danced to different songs from the Hairspray movie so I'm thinking of buying her the soundtrack or maybe even the movie. On the way home, I broke down and cried. I felt so bad for stressing Jared out, and putting Sasha and Jason through so much, and mostly because this was supposed to be such a special night for Kylie and it turned into such a mess. I had yelled at her and accused her of not putting the slipper away when I should have checked her bag the night she got home to make sure everything was there. I should never have lost my temper with her and vowed that night that I would not let something like this happen again. I love Kylie so much and I am so lucky that I have such a forgiving little girl. I will chalk this one up as a hard earned learing experience, and try to remember it as I try to be more patient with my family.


Brandon and Diana Bronson Family Blog said...

oh Aspen how awful! Once again I am totally feeling for you, as I have been in your situation many times, whether it be my car keys, that the kids MUST have been playing with since they are not where I THOUGHT they were, or the one church shoe that is always missing on Sunday, when all week long they were being worn around the house just for fun. I can just imagine your whole situation. You poor thing! but don't feel bad, you are still a great mom =)

Linda said...

Wow! I am sure there is a Sacrament meeting talk in that story, Aspen! In fact, if you told it through the eyes of everyone involved, you could cover the topics of forgiveness, patience, service, preparation, endurance and blessings. (I added blessings because, after reading your previous post, I am sure that you must surely have shed those five pounds you were working on!)
Sometimes, in the middle of a crisis, we need to ask ourselves what Heavenly Father wants us to learn or experience. I think one of bonuses you got was to see Kylie dance without the bother of the camera. "Klyie was so beautiful" said it all. How a little girl could go through what she had just gone through and still be beautiful says volumes about her character. Of course, as her grandmother, I already knew that!

Russ & Annie Squire said...

I think that "childlike" quality we hear about has a lot to do with how easily kids forgive. I can't believe how often kids forgive me when I lose patience with them. And not only that, they seem to completely forget, and continue to try so hard to please me. I'm sure Kylie got over all this much quicker than you did. I wish we could have seen her dancing!