Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Blood...

Dear Child Services,

You may have noticed that Brynlie seems to be getting more than her fair share of war wounds. I assure you that we are not beating her and do not neglect her. She just thinks she is capable of doing anything that her sisters can do. Yes, there was a large amount of blood coming out of her nose and mouth last week, but that was because she fell off a kitchen chair and cut her nose open. I think all of the blood in her mouth was what dripped in there or she swallowed since we were never able to find a cut in the mouth itself. And the blood coming from her nose the next day? That was when she fell off a footstool and landed on the tile. Then there is the bruise on her forehead. I'm not sure where that one came from, but she does run into a lot of things. I just want to make you aware that we are trying our hardest to be good parents, but the kid has discovered climbing recently and she figured out how to climb the ladder on the bunk bed last night (thank you Amanda). We will try our hardest to not have any more trips to the ER with her this year.




Amanda said...

I think she and G had a little meeting the other day about how they can give their moms heart attacks. Let's not let them plot against us anymore.

M. Nelson said...

If it comes down to it, I'll vouch for you! :)